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The Band Carlito y banditos

(from left to right)

Yves Abien :  Bass Guitar, Harmonica, backing vocals
Carlito :  Lead vocals, Guitar
JC :  Guitar, backing vocals
Nans Audouard :  Guitar, backing vocals
Julien o'Connor :  Drums, backing vocals

A bit of history from Carlito y Banditos...

  Back in 2016, following the world music day (« Fête de la musique ») of their small town, the Banditos joined together to form the Carlito y Banditos band.
  In 2018, after a series of 40 concerts in Drôme-Ardèche, the band released their first album « 8 sonora », a self-produced album.
  In 2019, Bruno (percussion) left the band and was replaced by Arnaud (playing drums).
  In 2020, Brother left the band, Nans replaces him and Julien O'Connor replaces Arnaud.
  In 2021, Yoan joined the band. In 2022, he lefts the band, JC replace him.

  Each member of the band brings their own musical style and sensibility, from Blues to Latino, to reggae through protest songs.
  Carlito y Banditos define themselves as a band « to make people dance » while rasing their awareness.

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